< :: Rainy Relax :: by Fabrikapps

Listen to your iPod songs with rain sounds and ambient efects. watch rain from your iphone screen when trying to relax.

Rainy Relax helps you relax and sleep by playing your iPod music mixing with rain sound. While you trying to sleep or relax you can watch animated rain or beautiful from your iPhone screen.

Rainy Relax is available through the App Store in iTunes and your device.

    • +Animated Rain Effects on your iphone screen.
    • +Realistic raining sound.
    • +7 Different and cool background images.
    • +Thunder effect.
    • +Seperate volume control for effects, rain sound and iPod music.
    • +Playback Stop Timer..
Version 1.2 - 12/17/10
iPhone OS 3.1+ required

Available in All Stores.


"I love rain sounds...

The sounds are very realistic and soothing. I do like the many background options and the effects button. I played some slow, sad songs with the rain sound over it and I really enjoyed the result! I feel totally relaxed!!"

Betty Lopez